Hello and Welcome to SouthernBess!  I hope you will pull up a nice, comfy chair and sit a spell… and enjoy your stay!

I live in the South East, which happens to be the best place in the US.  I call home a quaint, beautiful college town, where I live with my family of seven.  We, that is, my parents and four siblings, are well described as “country come to town” kind of folks, and we’re quite happy as we are!


I wear Lucchese boots. I play the piano. I pick my mandolin. I shoot with a Nikon camera and a 12 ga. shotgun when the need arises.  I like to quote lines from old films, and I’m glad to be surrounded by fun-loving siblings who know what I’m talking about when I ramble off dialogue (whereas… my mom is amused, but, usually left absolutely confused).

SouthernBess is a compilation of what I find lovely and interesting.  Architecture is inspiring; people are thrilling; and everyday life is spectacular and worth being captured. Find me on Instagram by searching SouthernBess.337 247



1 thought on “About”

  1. Joyce Reaves said:

    You’re such a talented photographer and I’ve enjoyed looking at your pictures so much!!! I just know you have a wonderful future ahead of you doing something you love. Hope to see you again soon!!!

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