Driving along the narrow, winding county roads on a sunny July morning found me full of anticipation and excitement.  “Here it is,” I said as I pulled into the driveway of a quaint stone house.  I quickly parked and then jumped out of my car to find the bride.  Under the welcoming canopy of trees I spotted the lady of the hour arrayed in a long creamy gown with lace covering every square inch.  A sweeping cathedral veil fell gracefully over her shoulders and quietly swept the ground beneath.  Goodness, she made a lovely picture.

Her photographer was instructing her in how to pose.  “Now look this way, now that way – smile, gorgeous!,” and I really couldn’t help but smile myself.  What a pretty bride, pretty bright blue sky, and pretty green landscape accompanied with pretty delicate pink roses.

This sweet bride let me tag along for the day and take as many pictures as I pleased.  Oh, what a delightful prospect.  So here you go, my darlings; it was a wedding full of sweet Christ – honoring love and southern grace.

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